The Best Online Gaming Graphics Cards 2018

Online gaming is increasingly drifting towards PC gaming more and more. The reason behind the shift is that many of the games that can be played using a games console can also be played on a PC. Although games consoles such as PlayStation are trying their best to ensure games are exclusive to their console, there is no denying the fact that PC games are becoming much better. One of the reasons for this is because graphics cards have become so advanced.

In fact, there are several reasons an increasing number of gamers are turning to their PC as their main source of gaming entertainment.

  1. Graphics cards are affordable and offer graphics equal to games consoles
  2. Many console games are eventually released on PC
  3. You do not have to consistently swap your PC for a new model
  4. PCs are easily upgradable with affordable memory and graphics cards

Our main focus, however, is graphics cards. We are going to take a look at some of 2018s latest graphics cards that are popular among gamers and designers.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

When it comes to buying the best graphics card, this Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 gives you both performance as well as a good price. This is crucial when you are looking to mix it up on a budget that allows you to also play games with high-quality graphics.

It has full HD 1080p with some overclocking too as we tested this card which was up to 1440p. on top of this is has 4k gaming. The only downside is that SLI is not supported meaning you will only be able to use just the single card.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Of course, Nvidia will dominate this list and this is why the second graphics card in our scopes is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. You will get Titan X-like gaming performance with 4k gaming.

It totally wipes out the Titan XP nowadays as it now claims the top spot for having the best GPU due to its much higher CUDA coupled with high-speed video memory. It may not quite reach the standards of having two GTX 1080s in SLI chugging away in your PC, but if you are looking for affordability and performance then the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as lone is more than enough.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

For those that are looking for full HD gaming, then this is the card for you. It runs quicker when we compared this to its competitor the Nvidia GTX 1070. However, as a gamer, you may be disappointed to learn that due to the huge popularity in Bitcoin mining this is also popular within the cryptocurrency industry.

That is not great news when it comes to price because digital currency miners tend to be able to splash out without thought and so this card is in high demand.

Unfortunately, high demand means price hikes and so you will need to splash out. For the price, it is probably a little overkill if you are an HD gamer, but if you are not worried about price then go for it. You will have a graphics card already prepped for the future and this is the perfect card for 144-to-240hz monitors. You will also be able to max this card out with its 1080p performance and you will get up 1440p overloading out of it.

The only downsides are that it does consume a lot of energy and with that, it can get quite hot, so you will need a state of the art cooling system, which kind of adds to the cost of owning one. Weighing it up, this is not a budget graphics card simply because of the price and the additional cooling it needs.

Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini

On top mini graphics cards and we then start to look at the Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini, which weighs in at 211 x 125 x 41mm and is perfect for 4k gaming despite losing maybe a few frames per second. This has a core clock of 1,506 and comes with an amazing 11GB GDDR5X. its memory clock runs at 10Gbs and steam processes at 3,584. Not bad at all for a mini card! Outputs come it a 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, 1 x DL-DVI-D with 2 x 8-pin power connectors. For those building a microATX or if you are working on a mini-ITX project, then you have the perfect solution here. You will have a small component that gives you performance.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Not all of us can afford to splash out on the lavish graphics cards mentioned above or maybe we are not that dedicated to gaming. As a result, in comes the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Now if only has 2GB of video memory, but when it comes to gaming performance and affordability this card really does the job very well indeed.

That is if you are Ok with a medium experience game playing experience. One of the secrets to some of the MOBA gamers being so much quicker when playing free games like League of Legends or Dota 2 is that a lot of gamers have forked out on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 just to give themselves that slight advantage as far frames per seconds are concerned. It is also a popular card for games such as Overwatch thanks to its very nice 60fps mark.…

Hidden Secret to Improving Your MOBA Gaming

Honestly, I have no idea why I was not progressing when playing my favourite MOBA games. I am one of those players that will switch between League of Legends and Dota 2. Either way, it is not the game that is the main point of this article. The point is the speed in which your PC or laptop or whatever it is you are using to play the game processes the game to your screen.  I found an unwritten secret to improving my gameplay on both these games purely by accident.

To begin the story, I was basically looking at graphics cards. When I was reading through the reviews, honestly I had no idea about graphics cards. I was just looking at what the site reviewing graphics cards had to say. Now, this website was basically reviewing graphics cards for gamers.

When I was reading about 4k gaming and overclocking plus how well these graphics cards work with certain monitors, I began to realise something. The speed in which an online game is delivered to your device is not just about the speed of your internet connection. There are also frames per second to consider and other factors that deliver the game to your screen in a speedy fashion.

Now, this has me thinking. Sometimes I swear I am much quicker with my reactions, but 50% of the time it seems as if I am slow off the mark. I wondered whether this could be due to the speed in which the game was being delivered to my screen.

I love my Dota and I love my League of Legends. In both cases this meant would an investment in a new graphics card be something that is worthwhile for me. Now I am talking about a $400 investment here on a superfast graphics card, and possibly further investment on a new monitor.

What happened?

My love for both these games meant I was willing to fork out on a brand new graphics card. I bought a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card and was very excited to see if this was going to improve my gameplay. Just to mention, I have 16 GB of RAM in my PC and 2 processors, so now my machine is a monster, and these were already there well before I bought my new graphics card.

At first impressions, I was immediately impressed at the fact that I could turn up my graphics settings to full. This made the map so much clearer without any lag whatsoever.

Everything felt so much better in the way I played my game. It really felt that when I was in the lane (playing Dota) I was denying and last hitting so much quicker. I was also able to escape ganks just by that split second. Since then, my Dota has improved considerably and my teammates have all asked how I did it.

My secret, which is not so much of a secret because I told them, was that all I did was invest in a new graphics card. When you are playing high-level Dota, those slit seconds really do count. Now this sudden improvement in the way I play cannot be by coincidence. I moved over to League of Legends, and exactly the same results are apparent. Suddenly I am winning more games, contributing more, attacking better, farming quicker, and most importantly I am reacting much quicker.

This is great because I remember one of my friends asking me if I had lag on my side as he noticed I was a little slow at times. This issue as now been resolved and I am a much better player all due to a technological change in my hardware that had nothing to do with my internet connection.


New HTML5 Websites Are Reaping the Rewards

For those of you that have not head of HTML5, it is basically a technology that allows animated graphic on your website. It is the latest trend in web design, and website that are using HTML5 are absolutely killing it out there! 

What Exactly Does HTML5 Do? 

It is Hypertext Markup Language and uses Java script with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You don’t need to add plugins to your browser for the functionalities of HTML5 to work – which was a pain for most users in the past and a cause of bounce rates being higher when people visit your website.

Moving text, animated graphics, awesome games, apps, music, and more. You name it, HTML5 loads it all at a click of button. It even works when you save a web page and visit it again when you are not connected to the web. Furthermore,

Already you must be getting the picture whether you are a techie or now. That is to say that HTML5 shows just how far along HTML has come since its inauguration to the world Wide web.

In a nutshell, with this kind of virtual technology, you can give your website an instant professional look that is also very attractive – it is basically the best way to create an eye-catching website.

Online Gaming and HTML5 

Online gaming companies that use web browsers and not downloads also use HTML5. It means you can just visit their gaming page and play. That goes for sites that need a log on to access their games, and those that are just giving you games to play for free for the hell of it!

Check out companies such as Next Generation Gaming and Net Entertainment. They are multibillion dollar online gaming companies that use HTML5 as one of their major selling points.

Aside from the reasons we introduced above in the into paragraph, these online gaming companies are using this kind of technology because it works across all platfroms!

 It Is Also a Cross Platform technology   

In fact, this technology is so advanced that it works harmoniously with mobile and desktop web browsers on all devices. PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and iPods. HTML5 is able to function seamlessly on an array of devices because it is so well coded that it takes into account the operating system being used.

Check out some of c9bets HTML5 games for an example of cross platform tech. Here you will need to download an apk for iOS or Android or you can just play some of the sample games on the wbesite.

For example, an iPhone uses iOS; while, many Samsung smartphones use Android operating systems. It is not just the operating system, but the browser that the operating system works with.

Apple loves safari, Windows is of course always associated with Internet Explorer, and most Android go with Google Chrome. Over on the Windows desktop, laptop and tablet scene, there is usually a mix of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, and Google Chrome.

These devices must work in sync with several browsers because most operating systems have realised that they do not want to limit their users’ choice of browser. I for one don’t like Safari, but I own an iPhone. I do however like Chrome, and so I use Chrome as my choice browser.

Everyone is different, and because of the sheer variety of browsers to surf the World Wide Web, the proprietary operating system designers made the decision not to limit people’s choices. For want of a better saying, every operating system has made way for almost every browser.

 I was surprised over the course of writing this article that not many Windows users realised that they could download Safari onto their Windows computer. It was funny because all the Apple lovers out there asked me to send the link.

 Now I see an office still dominated by Google Chrome, but things have changed – there are quite a few Safari users out there now. Only a couple of Firefox users, and Internet Explorer seems to have its own following, but more from the older crowd that grew up with Internet Explorer back in the day as their only choice browser – and they have stuck with it.

 My Point 

Now that we all understand there are so many hardware and software platforms to consider when it comes to designing a website, we should also understand that when we create a website, we need it to work across all these platforms.

  This is where HTML5 code starts to really impress. It is so well defined that you can use HTML5 features on your website to operate as a cross-platform code. Meaning it can adapt to any screen size, most modern hardware used on mobile devices and almost any browser.

 It is also very attractive. Here is an example of a website that offers headers and home pages in HTML5 format. Now take a look, and then come back to my website here and look at the difference.

 Boring simple blog layout (because I have not had the time to improve this site too much) versus an amazing looking professional website.

  Go to this link for an example of my favourite one so far and click on “LIVE PREVIEW”:  

OR just go straight to the example.  

This website has loads more examples too if you want to browse a little bit more and look at more themes.…

HTML 5 Codes

HTML has always been helpful in web designing and there are different types of codes in HTML 5 which is the latest version of HTML. The earlier HTML was released in early 1989 and from then the changes started occurring making HTML more advanced and now with HTML 5, it has enhanced the experience of web designing even more. Some of the new upgrades in HTML 5 are:-

is the symbol that is used to add comments
this command displays the document
is used for hyperlink
this is for abbreviation

this displays the address that is documented by the author or owner
shows the article saved

Game of Hoops

As a kid what I loved the most is playing basketball. At the beginning, basketball amazed me a lot more than any other sports as every player I saw was tall and I loved how the ball used to move with the player as if it is glued to their hands. Later on with the passing of time and regular NBA on tally made me more fascinated. I enrolled my name in the school’s basketball team and I started playing in my school team which made me realize that a player with lightning speed makes the ball impossible to catch.
I started working towards making basketball my profession. It occurred to my mind that basketball can lead to an easy scholarship which made me think about my career. I was inspired by Steve Nash as he was gifted with the ability for the greatest hook shot. He was the best defensive point guard. He stood against his tall opponents which gave me a push. I remember the tip that was given for the hook shot was to cover the middle of the lane then curl and cut over the chair then take control of the ball, once you get a chance reach the baseline and then shoot. If you want to improvise then you can reach the middle lane and go opposite to cut and curl and reach to shoot.
The game is all about inertia. You need to be quick and smooth for a shot. Though I was thinking of making basketball my career however it was momentary. I later realized that basketball as a career is a good option however it was not meant for me. I just loved the game. Now, as well when I get time I keep practicing my hook shots so that I can reach the perfection not because I need a career in it but because I love the game.
Last but not the least when it comes to basketball it is not only the player that is important and has to be all prepared but its a team effort. The game taught me to be a team player, to anticipate the move of the opponents, to also read my team members what they want so that I can make my move according to go for the basket. I miss my childhood days and those momentarily made career goals. I was an expert basketball player and was about to be a member of NBA, in my mind of course. …

Valve Gaming Fans Excited about the Return of the Half-Life Franchise

Gamers all over have been in high anticipation of the game sequel “Half Life 3” for over a decade now. Matter of fact, one could say Valve gaming fans have been doubting whether there will be a sequel to one of Valve’s most successful games. All there has been is rumors and no official announcement from Valve. When asked what was taking so long for the game, Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell insisted that they were working on being forward thinking so as to give users a new experience as opposed to a blast from the past.Half

Well the rumor mill is running again and word is that “Half-Life 3” will be announced soon. Though Valve, has not confirmed this, news is circulating that “Half-Life 3” is in its final stages of development and that Valve is prepping it for its upcoming anniversary, the 19th of November.

For years now, there have been information leaks, about the progress of the game, that are believed to be legitimate. There are talks of there being a VR support. If true, this could be big for Valve gaming fans. The claims started when an update stated that DOTA 2 has a HLVR code (which translates to Virtual Reality capabilities).

However, according to a news source, these rumors were shut down by Chet Faliszek, a Valve representative. Faliszek denied the incorporation of virtual reality, stating that it would take too much time to develop. “Valve is not considering Virtual Reality at the moment”.

Half Life Timeline

The Sci-Fi first person shooter game was first released in 1998. Players would role-play as Dr. Gordon Freeman, a man who was involved in a teleportation experiment gone wrong. He is fighting his way out of a secret research facility. Half-Life was Valve’s first product.

The game was a major success as it won over fifty PC “Game of the Year” awards. 8 million copies were sold by November 16, 2004. This was something very huge at the time compared to copies which are sold currently.

Half-Life 2: Episode One was released in June, 2006, and made available for PC / Mac, PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360. The game included a trilogy of adventures based on the award-winning Half-Life adventure. It incorporated artificial intelligence and amazing graphics and character interaction. Consequently, Half-Life 2: Episode One, also received multiple gaming awards.

Episode Two was later released in October, 2007. Given that this was the second release out of a planned trilogy, fans quickly expected the Half-Life 3. It’s been 10 years since, and there has been no official communication.

The Valve gaming franchise will turn 20 years on November 19, 2018. The best way for the corporation to celebrate Half-Life’s 20 years would be to release “Half-Life 3”. Meanwhile lovers-of-gaming are hoping that Valve has a sentimental attachment to their most successful franchise and one of the most spectacular games of all time.

However, fans are forced to wait and see what happens. One thing is for sure though, from the statements that have been made refuting the use of VR, it is pretty clear that the game really is being developed. All we can do is hope that when it officially comes, the wait will be worth it, right?…

Steam: Best Online Entertainment

There are a number of ways you can get entertained online. You can chat with friends and share pictures and videos on social media; you can watch videos on YouTube and any other thing that tickles your fancy. However, doing the same thing over and over again can get very boring especially if there is no amazing content for you to read, watch or share with friends. There is however certain sites you cannot get bored of. A good example is Steam; a leading platform when it comes to entertainment. There are so many things to do at Steam Power that will get you wondering why you did not know about it sooner.


One of the things you get when you visit Steam is an unlimited access to numerous games. Steam Power features games of all types. If you love action, indie or other types of games, there is a huge selection to choose from. The great thing about the games you find at Steam Power is the fact that they come with exclusive deals, frequent updates and numerous perks. You can never get bored playing games at this site because new games are always being added and old games updated to make them more interesting.


The other amazing thing about Steam is the fact that you have a chance to meet a lot of people. This is because it is a very popular site and many people from different parts of the world are part of the community. You can also chat in game groups; create clans and share tips and tricks of how to get through the games and other interesting things you like. This is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time to spare for socializing. Through this community, you get to make lots of friends from the comfort of your own home.

Sharing and Creation of Content

When you join the Steam community, you are not just an observer. You get to participate actively. You have a chance to share or trade content with the friends you have made in the community. Apart from this, you also participate in making the games in the site better. You get to do this by creating new content that you believe might help in shaping your game. This will enable you to put your skills to practice and you can be assured that they will be considered, reviewed and there is a high chance that your ideas might be implemented in improving the games.

Available on Numerous Devices

Unlike many other entertainment sites Steam Power Application is available on numerous devices. Whether you want to access the application on your phone, PC or iPad, you can do so any time. This makes it possible for you to take the entertainment with you everywhere you go.


In conclusion, Steam is one of the best online entertainment sites. You have numerous games to choose from, numerous people to interact with and most importantly, you get to play an active role in improving your favourite game. Visit the site and experience the fun personally.…

Creative Game Design—Design your dream

cropped-gi.jpgThis is the world of game design, and we are living in the twenty – first century to witness it. The creative game design is divided into three parts. Creative is the personality type; game is an industry and design is the type. Once this part is clear, we can explore the world of creative game design.

Creative game design. What is its Role?  In Creative game design, one needs to work as a team with different disciplinary items. One needs to pass on the idea to the others on the team which includes programmers, staff who is in charge of marketing, producers, and others who are involved in the process of development. One needs to have a constructihgftve and progressive feedback on the task that is being done. The objective is to have the ability to put the design on paper and at the same time be able to express it verbally. In this way, one will have to be good in both communicative as well as verbal skills. Creative game design requires imagination and creativity. Both go hand in hand, and one cannot achieve the desired result if one is missing. The creative game design also demands excellent drawing skills and also having a critical eye view of the design. One needs to be fluent in 2D and 3 D graphics and also in animation.

What does a Game Designer do? The role of a game designer is to devise games and see how it plays. They plan all the elements of the games such as rules, pattern, setting, story, structure, objects, vehicles, and characters. Once the game has been finalized, it is the job of the game designer to pass on his idea to the team who will then create the art assets and the computer code which will then allow the game to be played. In fact, most of the core elements are already defined, and one must then decide how to create the best game using these features. What one needs to bear in mind is the time scale, and the amount of moneyvgh one has to his or her disposal. Designer studios give game designers work for their creativity and eye for perfection. There is a lead designer, who overlooks or is in charge of his or her team consisting of different people, but who work as a team. Game designers should have an in – depth understanding of the different work platforms which include the console, mobile, PC and other hardware.

What are the stages of the design process?  The game design goes through various stages of process, such as:

  • The Game designer puts together the concept after the initial research so as to convince the team about the idea behind the whole game.
  • The small team of artists and programmers then put their heads together with the game designer to build a prototype.
  • The final document will describe the final intended idea on how the game will function. It may need change and updating also.