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The Best VPN for the Netherlands

VPN Tech

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is useful no matter which country you are from. If you are from the Netherlands and are concerned about your privacy, security, and ability to watch your favorite shows when traveling, then you need the beste VPN voor Nederland. It allows you to use the internet as safely as possible, protecting your data, private information, and access to your favorite online content.

The beste VPN voor Nederland is similar to the ones available for other countries. When choosing, you need to decide what you are looking for. Are you looking for one that has military-grade encryption or is it more important that there are a lot of servers available. To make the right decision, you need to know more about the beste VPN voor Nederland.


What is The Best VPN For Netherlands beste VPN voor Nederland

 There are certain things that the beste VPN voor Nederland should have. VPNs all work very similarly, but they aren’t all as good as others. All VPNs create a ‘Virtual Private Network’ for you to use when accessing a public network (like the internet). This ‘tunnel’ that you virtually travel through, protects your information. By protecting your information, you are also protecting your device and all the data it holds. Hackers, government agencies, and even companies are looking at our private information to find out more about us. Keep your privacy intact with the beste VPN voor Nederland.

There are a few areas that you need to look out for when shopping for the beste VPN voor Nederland. A ‘no-log’ policy is important because otherwise, your VPN could be storing information about you – which defeats the purpose of a VPN in the first place. From here the rest is optional and it will depend on what you need. Different VPNs offer different servers, multiple logins, data limits, cross-platform use, and better customer service. Take your time when choosing the beste VPN voor Nederland.


 The cost varies, but generally, they are quite similar. You will be paying in the range of $3-8 per month, depending on the package you choose. Different packages include monthly, semi-annually, annually, and tri-annually. The further in advance, you subscribe, the cheaper it costs.

When trying out a new VPN you can consider if they have a money-back guarantee, which usually runs between 3 – 30 days. Some VPNs also have a 7-day free trial period, but companies are starting to move away from this service, rather focusing on the money-back guarantee. The beste VPN voor Nederland are reliable and should return your money without a problem.

Unblocking Content

 Those of us who watch series/movies online will know it’s not always easy. If you have a subscription for a Dutch online streaming website, you might find it doesn’t work outside of the Netherlands. Depending on your location, you will not be able to watch certain content. For example, you can’t watch Netflix US from outside America; but with the beste VPN voor Nederland, you can. They change your location to any server in the world, allowing you to access your favorite content from anywhere.…

Using a VPN To Play Online Games?

Recently I have been seeing or hearing about online gamers connecting to games via VPNs. My understanding of VPNs is that they limit bandwidth thus reduce speed as opposed to improving the speed of a game when playing online. At the same time, VPNs can cause lag too, so why are these people playing via VPNs?

Now when it comes to internet speeds, the connection can only run as fast as the slowest device or allow as much data through as the device with the least amount of throughput. That is pretty much as in-depth as my IT knowledge goes. Therefore, if you have a 10Mbs network card, and the VPN has 50Mbs, the fastest the connection will run at is 10Mbs. Clearly, VPNs cannot be used to speed up gaming?

If you want to know wat is VPN in Dutch then go there? (For my Dutch readers as this can get technical).

Avoid Throttling

Actually, I found that for some people VPNs do speed up their gaming. This is because a VPN can help to avoid throttling. Players can connect to a VPN server and the game can use the VPN server’s high-tech hardware to take some of the burdens off their own machine. This stops the machine throttling, which can cause lag.

Avoid Detection

Some people do not want their IP address or location to be detected. Therefore, they can use a VPN to get around this. One of the best ways to hide your Ip address is by using an IP address that you do not own. VPNs are perfect for this exact practice. If you use a VPN, your IP address will be changed. When it is changed, this means hackers or anyone that find the IP address you are playing from will be out of luck because the IP address they have will lead them to a dead end.

Geo-Location Restrictions

There are a large number of computer games out there that are restricted to certain locations. This means that the developer has created the game to be exclusively available in a particular location. However, that does not mean that the developer can stop people playing the game because VPNs can easily bypass the geo-location restrictions set.

All you need is a VPN that has a server in its collection of IPs that is from a location that is not geo-location restricted by the game developer. Obviously, VPNs can still slow down the game speed, so you will need to make sure you have a decent VPN, which will probably mean using a paid VPN rather than using one of the many free VPN software options available today.

One place where VPNs are particularly prevalent is in China. In the Republic of China Facebook, Google, YouTube, and many other social media and search engines are banned on the Chinese internet (we won’t call the World Wide Web because Chinese internet is generally not worldwide). People that want to access these sites use a VPN, and this has led to a flurry of online gamers the following suit to play online games that are banned by Chinese proxy servers filtering out IP addresses the government does not approve of.

Hide Illegal Gaming Practices

Much like the section above where people like to use VPNs to avoid detection, people that like to play illegal games or games that are illegal in their country will tend to use a VPN. In some countries such as Thailand or Malaysia, there are some confusions about the laws regarding online gambling. There are websites where the local citizens in these countries can have a flutter online, but even though they are signed to this website that can be played from within the borders of their country, there could be some risks involved.

As a way to avoid being detected, and sure up privacy, many people will use a VPN. Firstly, the user will connect to the VPN, which creates a secure encrypted tunnel from the machine being used. That tunnel will go through the firewall and connect to a VPN server in another location. Therefore, the player will now be playing from an IP address he/she does not own and has no ties to their internet.

Play on Gaming Servers in Other Countries

This is not getting around geo-location banning and rather getting around speed issues when connecting to gaming servers in another country – let me explain because this is in fact quite ingenious. For example, if you have a very good internet connection and you play games such as Dota 2, you can select to play on any server around the world. However, Dota will detect your internet speed to that server using a ‘ping’. If it is too slow, then Dota will not let you connect to that server.

A way to get around this is to use a VPN. By connecting to the VPN in the region where the gaming server is that you want to connect to, the ping test will always pass. Not only this, where you would have normally had lag because you are connecting over a public network to the server, the lag is eliminated because the private VPN tunnel will speed up your traffic through the connection by delivering and receiving data from the local server much quicker than your conventional connection.

Players may have friends in the UK and want to play on UK servers from places like Thailand.…

What are the facts about website traffic?

Getting traffic to your website can literally be a pain. Once you have created your all new and fancy website, you need traffic to test whether your pages will convert. Getting traffic is actually the easy part – it is getting traffic from people that are specific to your niche that is the problem. If you are just getting any old traffic to your website, then it is counterproductive.

Why is non-targeted traffic counterproductive?

Firstly, if you are getting traffic from people that simply clicked to your website to browse, this is going to give you some awkward conversion percentages. You are just creating more work for yourself. Secondly, you are paying for traffic that does not convert. Traffic is almost never free, so you will be getting a bad return on your investment.

Why is traffic almost never free?

Traffic is never free because however you look at it, you will need to pay to get people to get to your website. SEO is not free because you need to spend time and resources getting your on-page SEO up to scratch. Backlinking is also not free because once again you will need to spend time on creating decent content to place on the websites that you are outreaching to.

Other traffic such as Google AdWords and Social Media may be free to a certain extend. However, to get a decent amount of traffic from Social Media, you need designer, good writers, and you will also more than likely need to pay for ads – for example Facebook Ads.

When is traffic free and is it really free?

Free traffic comes usually after you build a good reputation. Brand image is everything today, so you still have to work hard at this. In many respects, this means even free traffic costs money at some point. Traffic from word of mouth is free – people can search your company name and as long as your website and social media is set-up correctly, your website will be easily searchable by brand name!

Are there any other forms of free traffic?

Yes, and this would be traffic you paid for one way or another originally. For example, if you have been branding your website and working on building a solid brand reputation, then you should be getting repeat business. Whether your customers come from word of mouth, organic searches, social media, or email campaigns, there should be a large percentage of them that return to buy from you again.

This obviously only applies if you have a service or product that people want to come back and buy. For my own business, I sell content. There is always more repeat business because anyone that needs content once, will need more in the future as long as their business stays afloat. The only reason I would have for not getting any repeat business is because my customer’s business idea did not work out.

Most of the time, I can help with the business idea and help them to sell by using great content. Other times I cannot because the problem is that they are targeting a marketplace that is already saturated with competitors.

In some cases, I am shocked to see this – it is like seeing a tennis shop opening next to two other tennis shops when there was a vacant shop 1 mile away next to a local train station. Although some may argue that by opening a third shop, this will bring in more customers because the area will have a reputation for being the go to place for tennis merchandise.

Unfortunately, for many websites that open in saturated markets, this is not the case as the internet is an open space. However, that being said, if you can get those first few customers and show them that your customer service is a cut above the competition, then you can build up a business in this way. The attitude here would be one customer at a time.

Is Email marketing a form of free internet traffic?

Not really. At least if you want to design and utilise a truly effective email marketing campaign, then you will need to throw some money at this or at least some time, which costs money. Firstly, you will need a good email marketing program like Mail Chimp. Check out Google Garage too – this has some great tips about internet and specifically a section that is dedicated to email marketing.

Secondly, you may need a good content writer and a designer. On top of this, you will need to set up ways to track your email marketing campaign and create a sales funnel, which is bringing the customer on a journey through your brand that results in a purchase.

Usually most email marketing software programs will have an analytics section built in, but you will also need something like Google Analytics set-up to also track traffic coming from your email campaign. This requires some knowledge of Google Analytics as you will need specific code on the website.

In the end, you do need to outlay some costs for email marketing. On the other hand, the costs involved in email marketing can actually be quite low compared to other ways of getting traffic. Plus, the sweet thing about email marketing is that it is perfect for sales, promotion, and building brand reputation.

Press Releases and Blogs

Both of these methods of bringing traffic to your website can be pricey, but at the same time, they are both very effective.…

The Best Online Gaming Graphics Cards 2018

Online gaming is increasingly drifting towards PC gaming more and more. The reason behind the shift is that many of the games that can be played using a games console can also be played on a PC. Although games consoles such as PlayStation are trying their best to ensure games are exclusive to their console, there is no denying the fact that PC games are becoming much better. One of the reasons for this is because graphics cards have become so advanced.

In fact, there are several reasons an increasing number of gamers are turning to their PC as their main source of gaming entertainment.

  1. Graphics cards are affordable and offer graphics equal to games consoles
  2. Many console games are eventually released on PC
  3. You do not have to consistently swap your PC for a new model
  4. PCs are easily upgradable with affordable memory and graphics cards

Our main focus, however, is graphics cards. We are going to take a look at some of 2018s latest graphics cards that are popular among gamers and designers.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

When it comes to buying the best graphics card, this Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 gives you both performance as well as a good price. This is crucial when you are looking to mix it up on a budget that allows you to also play games with high-quality graphics.

It has full HD 1080p with some overclocking too as we tested this card which was up to 1440p. on top of this is has 4k gaming. The only downside is that SLI is not supported meaning you will only be able to use just the single card.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Of course, Nvidia will dominate this list and this is why the second graphics card in our scopes is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. You will get Titan X-like gaming performance with 4k gaming.

It totally wipes out the Titan XP nowadays as it now claims the top spot for having the best GPU due to its much higher CUDA coupled with high-speed video memory. It may not quite reach the standards of having two GTX 1080s in SLI chugging away in your PC, but if you are looking for affordability and performance then the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as lone is more than enough.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

For those that are looking for full HD gaming, then this is the card for you. It runs quicker when we compared this to its competitor the Nvidia GTX 1070. However, as a gamer, you may be disappointed to learn that due to the huge popularity in Bitcoin mining this is also popular within the cryptocurrency industry.

That is not great news when it comes to price because digital currency miners tend to be able to splash out without thought and so this card is in high demand.

Unfortunately, high demand means price hikes and so you will need to splash out. For the price, it is probably a little overkill if you are an HD gamer, but if you are not worried about price then go for it. You will have a graphics card already prepped for the future and this is the perfect card for 144-to-240hz monitors. You will also be able to max this card out with its 1080p performance and you will get up 1440p overloading out of it.

The only downsides are that it does consume a lot of energy and with that, it can get quite hot, so you will need a state of the art cooling system, which kind of adds to the cost of owning one. Weighing it up, this is not a budget graphics card simply because of the price and the additional cooling it needs.

Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini

On top mini graphics cards and we then start to look at the Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini, which weighs in at 211 x 125 x 41mm and is perfect for 4k gaming despite losing maybe a few frames per second. This has a core clock of 1,506 and comes with an amazing 11GB GDDR5X. its memory clock runs at 10Gbs and steam processes at 3,584. Not bad at all for a mini card! Outputs come it a 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, 1 x DL-DVI-D with 2 x 8-pin power connectors. For those building a microATX or if you are working on a mini-ITX project, then you have the perfect solution here. You will have a small component that gives you performance.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Not all of us can afford to splash out on the lavish graphics cards mentioned above or maybe we are not that dedicated to gaming. As a result, in comes the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Now if only has 2GB of video memory, but when it comes to gaming performance and affordability this card really does the job very well indeed.

That is if you are Ok with a medium experience game playing experience. One of the secrets to some of the MOBA gamers being so much quicker when playing free games like League of Legends or Dota 2 is that a lot of gamers have forked out on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 just to give themselves that slight advantage as far frames per seconds are concerned. It is also a popular card for games such as Overwatch thanks to its very nice 60fps mark.…

Hidden Secret to Improving Your MOBA Gaming

Honestly, I have no idea why I was not progressing when playing my favourite MOBA games. I am one of those players that will switch between League of Legends and Dota 2. Either way, it is not the game that is the main point of this article. The point is the speed in which your PC or laptop or whatever it is you are using to play the game processes the game to your screen.  I found an unwritten secret to improving my gameplay on both these games purely by accident.

To begin the story, I was basically looking at graphics cards. When I was reading through the reviews, honestly I had no idea about graphics cards. I was just looking at what the site reviewing graphics cards had to say. Now, this website was basically reviewing graphics cards for gamers.

When I was reading about 4k gaming and overclocking plus how well these graphics cards work with certain monitors, I began to realise something. The speed in which an online game is delivered to your device is not just about the speed of your internet connection. There are also frames per second to consider and other factors that deliver the game to your screen in a speedy fashion.

Now, this has me thinking. Sometimes I swear I am much quicker with my reactions, but 50% of the time it seems as if I am slow off the mark. I wondered whether this could be due to the speed in which the game was being delivered to my screen.

I love my Dota and I love my League of Legends. In both cases this meant would an investment in a new graphics card be something that is worthwhile for me. Now I am talking about a $400 investment here on a superfast graphics card, and possibly further investment on a new monitor.

What happened?

My love for both these games meant I was willing to fork out on a brand new graphics card. I bought a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card and was very excited to see if this was going to improve my gameplay. Just to mention, I have 16 GB of RAM in my PC and 2 processors, so now my machine is a monster, and these were already there well before I bought my new graphics card.

At first impressions, I was immediately impressed at the fact that I could turn up my graphics settings to full. This made the map so much clearer without any lag whatsoever.

Everything felt so much better in the way I played my game. It really felt that when I was in the lane (playing Dota) I was denying and last hitting so much quicker. I was also able to escape ganks just by that split second. Since then, my Dota has improved considerably and my teammates have all asked how I did it.

My secret, which is not so much of a secret because I told them, was that all I did was invest in a new graphics card. When you are playing high-level Dota, those slit seconds really do count. Now this sudden improvement in the way I play cannot be by coincidence. I moved over to League of Legends, and exactly the same results are apparent. Suddenly I am winning more games, contributing more, attacking better, farming quicker, and most importantly I am reacting much quicker.

This is great because I remember one of my friends asking me if I had lag on my side as he noticed I was a little slow at times. This issue as now been resolved and I am a much better player all due to a technological change in my hardware that had nothing to do with my internet connection.


Popular Web Design Niches For All Industries

Website Coding Optionswww

A niche is a place, status, employment, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted, soNiche Specific Web Design means that coming up with a website that is designed by different site specialist with each doing the bets that he suited.


Blog layout (and we way WordPress particularly in light of the fact that it is the most prevalent decision for a Niche Specific Web Design) has developed as a practical specialty inside of the web plan industry.


wMany little organizations or new businesses like to contract specialists for a more financially savvy choice for Niche Specific Web Design. Working solo does not as a matter of course mean less benefits for a consultant, but rather it can mean less spending for a little business. Shannon Moeller makes an individual feel, and accentuates a performance working, one-on-one state of mind to potential customers, making more speak to little organizations searching for various arrangements.


One specialty is to make basic, yet moderate sites for non-benefits, for example, temples, philanthropies, or even people for specific reasons. While the expense range for these sorts of locales might be lower, having a specialization in the territory can be extremely appealing to these sorts of clients, creating a great deal of work. Vandelay outline plainly states right on their front page that their attention is on chapel sites. While they likely have different sorts of clients, they’re outline style imitates the style that numerous congregation sites would be searching for.


Sometimes architects just jump at the chance to concentrate on configuration, and disregard the advancement perspective. While not all improvement is avoidable as a web fashioner, a lot of it can be stayed away from by putting to a greater degree an attention on configuration, as opposed to coding extension (CMS’s, customizing, embellishments, and so forth.).


Any times Niche Specific Web Design will concentrate on less on configuration (still do web outline, yet not as a matter of course different types of configuration) alongside putting more accentuation on the coding foundation. Thusly, customers who require more propelled answers for website pages can focus in on these sorts of specialties.

Immediately one can see that their configuration, while stylishly satisfying, is not as outline situated (diletantish) as the above sample. Rather, Function concentrates on more than outline, from web journal advancement to custom coding, and that’s just the beginning. Indeed, even inside of their web plan hones, they concentrate on usefulness and the general client experience from a more specialized level.…

New HTML5 Websites Are Reaping the Rewards

For those of you that have not head of HTML5, it is basically a technology that allows animated graphic on your website. It is the latest trend in web design, and website that are using HTML5 are absolutely killing it out there! 

What Exactly Does HTML5 Do? 

It is Hypertext Markup Language and uses Java script with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You don’t need to add plugins to your browser for the functionalities of HTML5 to work – which was a pain for most users in the past and a cause of bounce rates being higher when people visit your website.

Moving text, animated graphics, awesome games, apps, music, and more. You name it, HTML5 loads it all at a click of button. It even works when you save a web page and visit it again when you are not connected to the web. Furthermore,

Already you must be getting the picture whether you are a techie or now. That is to say that HTML5 shows just how far along HTML has come since its inauguration to the world Wide web.

In a nutshell, with this kind of virtual technology, you can give your website an instant professional look that is also very attractive – it is basically the best way to create an eye-catching website.

Online Gaming and HTML5 

Online gaming companies that use web browsers and not downloads also use HTML5. It means you can just visit their gaming page and play. That goes for sites that need a log on to access their games, and those that are just giving you games to play for free for the hell of it!

Check out companies such as Next Generation Gaming and Net Entertainment. They are multibillion dollar online gaming companies that use HTML5 as one of their major selling points.

Aside from the reasons we introduced above in the into paragraph, these online gaming companies are using this kind of technology because it works across all platfroms!

 It Is Also a Cross Platform technology   

In fact, this technology is so advanced that it works harmoniously with mobile and desktop web browsers on all devices. PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and iPods. HTML5 is able to function seamlessly on an array of devices because it is so well coded that it takes into account the operating system being used.

Check out some of c9bets HTML5 games for an example of cross platform tech. Here you will need to download an apk for iOS or Android or you can just play some of the sample games on the wbesite.

For example, an iPhone uses iOS; while, many Samsung smartphones use Android operating systems. It is not just the operating system, but the browser that the operating system works with.

Apple loves safari, Windows is of course always associated with Internet Explorer, and most Android go with Google Chrome. Over on the Windows desktop, laptop and tablet scene, there is usually a mix of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, and Google Chrome.

These devices must work in sync with several browsers because most operating systems have realised that they do not want to limit their users’ choice of browser. I for one don’t like Safari, but I own an iPhone. I do however like Chrome, and so I use Chrome as my choice browser.

Everyone is different, and because of the sheer variety of browsers to surf the World Wide Web, the proprietary operating system designers made the decision not to limit people’s choices. For want of a better saying, every operating system has made way for almost every browser.

 I was surprised over the course of writing this article that not many Windows users realised that they could download Safari onto their Windows computer. It was funny because all the Apple lovers out there asked me to send the link.

 Now I see an office still dominated by Google Chrome, but things have changed – there are quite a few Safari users out there now. Only a couple of Firefox users, and Internet Explorer seems to have its own following, but more from the older crowd that grew up with Internet Explorer back in the day as their only choice browser – and they have stuck with it.

 My Point 

Now that we all understand there are so many hardware and software platforms to consider when it comes to designing a website, we should also understand that when we create a website, we need it to work across all these platforms.

  This is where HTML5 code starts to really impress. It is so well defined that you can use HTML5 features on your website to operate as a cross-platform code. Meaning it can adapt to any screen size, most modern hardware used on mobile devices and almost any browser.

 It is also very attractive. Here is an example of a website that offers headers and home pages in HTML5 format. Now take a look, and then come back to my website here and look at the difference.

 Boring simple blog layout (because I have not had the time to improve this site too much) versus an amazing looking professional website.

  Go to this link for an example of my favourite one so far and click on “LIVE PREVIEW”:  

OR just go straight to the example.  

This website has loads more examples too if you want to browse a little bit more and look at more themes.…

HTML 5 Codes

HTML has always been helpful in web designing and there are different types of codes in HTML 5 which is the latest version of HTML. The earlier HTML was released in early 1989 and from then the changes started occurring making HTML more advanced and now with HTML 5, it has enhanced the experience of web designing even more. Some of the new upgrades in HTML 5 are:-

is the symbol that is used to add comments
this command displays the document
is used for hyperlink
this is for abbreviation

this displays the address that is documented by the author or owner
shows the article saved

Game of Hoops

As a kid what I loved the most is playing basketball. At the beginning, basketball amazed me a lot more than any other sports as every player I saw was tall and I loved how the ball used to move with the player as if it is glued to their hands. Later on with the passing of time and regular NBA on tally made me more fascinated. I enrolled my name in the school’s basketball team and I started playing in my school team which made me realize that a player with lightning speed makes the ball impossible to catch.
I started working towards making basketball my profession. It occurred to my mind that basketball can lead to an easy scholarship which made me think about my career. I was inspired by Steve Nash as he was gifted with the ability for the greatest hook shot. He was the best defensive point guard. He stood against his tall opponents which gave me a push. I remember the tip that was given for the hook shot was to cover the middle of the lane then curl and cut over the chair then take control of the ball, once you get a chance reach the baseline and then shoot. If you want to improvise then you can reach the middle lane and go opposite to cut and curl and reach to shoot.
The game is all about inertia. You need to be quick and smooth for a shot. Though I was thinking of making basketball my career however it was momentary. I later realized that basketball as a career is a good option however it was not meant for me. I just loved the game. Now, as well when I get time I keep practicing my hook shots so that I can reach the perfection not because I need a career in it but because I love the game.
Last but not the least when it comes to basketball it is not only the player that is important and has to be all prepared but its a team effort. The game taught me to be a team player, to anticipate the move of the opponents, to also read my team members what they want so that I can make my move according to go for the basket. I miss my childhood days and those momentarily made career goals. I was an expert basketball player and was about to be a member of NBA, in my mind of course. …

Valve Gaming Fans Excited about the Return of the Half-Life Franchise

Gamers all over have been in high anticipation of the game sequel “Half Life 3” for over a decade now. Matter of fact, one could say Valve gaming fans have been doubting whether there will be a sequel to one of Valve’s most successful games. All there has been is rumors and no official announcement from Valve. When asked what was taking so long for the game, Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell insisted that they were working on being forward thinking so as to give users a new experience as opposed to a blast from the past.Half

Well the rumor mill is running again and word is that “Half-Life 3” will be announced soon. Though Valve, has not confirmed this, news is circulating that “Half-Life 3” is in its final stages of development and that Valve is prepping it for its upcoming anniversary, the 19th of November.

For years now, there have been information leaks, about the progress of the game, that are believed to be legitimate. There are talks of there being a VR support. If true, this could be big for Valve gaming fans. The claims started when an update stated that DOTA 2 has a HLVR code (which translates to Virtual Reality capabilities).

However, according to a news source, these rumors were shut down by Chet Faliszek, a Valve representative. Faliszek denied the incorporation of virtual reality, stating that it would take too much time to develop. “Valve is not considering Virtual Reality at the moment”.

Half Life Timeline

The Sci-Fi first person shooter game was first released in 1998. Players would role-play as Dr. Gordon Freeman, a man who was involved in a teleportation experiment gone wrong. He is fighting his way out of a secret research facility. Half-Life was Valve’s first product.

The game was a major success as it won over fifty PC “Game of the Year” awards. 8 million copies were sold by November 16, 2004. This was something very huge at the time compared to copies which are sold currently.

Half-Life 2: Episode One was released in June, 2006, and made available for PC / Mac, PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360. The game included a trilogy of adventures based on the award-winning Half-Life adventure. It incorporated artificial intelligence and amazing graphics and character interaction. Consequently, Half-Life 2: Episode One, also received multiple gaming awards.

Episode Two was later released in October, 2007. Given that this was the second release out of a planned trilogy, fans quickly expected the Half-Life 3. It’s been 10 years since, and there has been no official communication.

The Valve gaming franchise will turn 20 years on November 19, 2018. The best way for the corporation to celebrate Half-Life’s 20 years would be to release “Half-Life 3”. Meanwhile lovers-of-gaming are hoping that Valve has a sentimental attachment to their most successful franchise and one of the most spectacular games of all time.

However, fans are forced to wait and see what happens. One thing is for sure though, from the statements that have been made refuting the use of VR, it is pretty clear that the game really is being developed. All we can do is hope that when it officially comes, the wait will be worth it, right?…