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What are the facts about website traffic?

Getting traffic to your website can literally be a pain. Once you have created your all new and fancy website, you need traffic to test whether your pages will convert. Getting traffic is actually the easy part – it is getting traffic from people that are specific to your niche that is the problem. If you are just getting any old traffic to your website, then it is counterproductive.

Why is non-targeted traffic counterproductive?

Firstly, if you are getting traffic from people that simply clicked to your website to browse, this is going to give you some awkward conversion percentages. You are just creating more work for yourself. Secondly, you are paying for traffic that does not convert. Traffic is almost never free, so you will be getting a bad return on your investment.

Why is traffic almost never free?

Traffic is never free because however you look at it, you will need to pay to get people to get to your website. SEO is not free because you need to spend time and resources getting your on-page SEO up to scratch. Backlinking is also not free because once again you will need to spend time on creating decent content to place on the websites that you are outreaching to.

Other traffic such as Google AdWords and Social Media may be free to a certain extend. However, to get a decent amount of traffic from Social Media, you need designer, good writers, and you will also more than likely need to pay for ads – for example Facebook Ads.

When is traffic free and is it really free?

Free traffic comes usually after you build a good reputation. Brand image is everything today, so you still have to work hard at this. In many respects, this means even free traffic costs money at some point. Traffic from word of mouth is free – people can search your company name and as long as your website and social media is set-up correctly, your website will be easily searchable by brand name!

Are there any other forms of free traffic?

Yes, and this would be traffic you paid for one way or another originally. For example, if you have been branding your website and working on building a solid brand reputation, then you should be getting repeat business. Whether your customers come from word of mouth, organic searches, social media, or email campaigns, there should be a large percentage of them that return to buy from you again.

This obviously only applies if you have a service or product that people want to come back and buy. For my own business, I sell content. There is always more repeat business because anyone that needs content once, will need more in the future as long as their business stays afloat. The only reason I would have for not getting any repeat business is because my customer’s business idea did not work out.

Most of the time, I can help with the business idea and help them to sell by using great content. Other times I cannot because the problem is that they are targeting a marketplace that is already saturated with competitors.

In some cases, I am shocked to see this – it is like seeing a tennis shop opening next to two other tennis shops when there was a vacant shop 1 mile away next to a local train station. Although some may argue that by opening a third shop, this will bring in more customers because the area will have a reputation for being the go to place for tennis merchandise.

Unfortunately, for many websites that open in saturated markets, this is not the case as the internet is an open space. However, that being said, if you can get those first few customers and show them that your customer service is a cut above the competition, then you can build up a business in this way. The attitude here would be one customer at a time.

Is Email marketing a form of free internet traffic?

Not really. At least if you want to design and utilise a truly effective email marketing campaign, then you will need to throw some money at this or at least some time, which costs money. Firstly, you will need a good email marketing program like Mail Chimp. Check out Google Garage too – this has some great tips about internet and specifically a section that is dedicated to email marketing.

Secondly, you may need a good content writer and a designer. On top of this, you will need to set up ways to track your email marketing campaign and create a sales funnel, which is bringing the customer on a journey through your brand that results in a purchase.

Usually most email marketing software programs will have an analytics section built in, but you will also need something like Google Analytics set-up to also track traffic coming from your email campaign. This requires some knowledge of Google Analytics as you will need specific code on the website.

In the end, you do need to outlay some costs for email marketing. On the other hand, the costs involved in email marketing can actually be quite low compared to other ways of getting traffic. Plus, the sweet thing about email marketing is that it is perfect for sales, promotion, and building brand reputation.

Press Releases and Blogs

Both of these methods of bringing traffic to your website can be pricey, but at the same time, they are both very effective.…

Creative Game Design—Design your dream

cropped-gi.jpgThis is the world of game design, and we are living in the twenty – first century to witness it. The creative game design is divided into three parts. Creative is the personality type; game is an industry and design is the type. Once this part is clear, we can explore the world of creative game design.

Creative game design. What is its Role?  In Creative game design, one needs to work as a team with different disciplinary items. One needs to pass on the idea to the others on the team which includes programmers, staff who is in charge of marketing, producers, and others who are involved in the process of development. One needs to have a constructihgftve and progressive feedback on the task that is being done. The objective is to have the ability to put the design on paper and at the same time be able to express it verbally. In this way, one will have to be good in both communicative as well as verbal skills. Creative game design requires imagination and creativity. Both go hand in hand, and one cannot achieve the desired result if one is missing. The creative game design also demands excellent drawing skills and also having a critical eye view of the design. One needs to be fluent in 2D and 3 D graphics and also in animation.

What does a Game Designer do? The role of a game designer is to devise games and see how it plays. They plan all the elements of the games such as rules, pattern, setting, story, structure, objects, vehicles, and characters. Once the game has been finalized, it is the job of the game designer to pass on his idea to the team who will then create the art assets and the computer code which will then allow the game to be played. In fact, most of the core elements are already defined, and one must then decide how to create the best game using these features. What one needs to bear in mind is the time scale, and the amount of moneyvgh one has to his or her disposal. Designer studios give game designers work for their creativity and eye for perfection. There is a lead designer, who overlooks or is in charge of his or her team consisting of different people, but who work as a team. Game designers should have an in – depth understanding of the different work platforms which include the console, mobile, PC and other hardware.

What are the stages of the design process?  The game design goes through various stages of process, such as:

  • The Game designer puts together the concept after the initial research so as to convince the team about the idea behind the whole game.
  • The small team of artists and programmers then put their heads together with the game designer to build a prototype.
  • The final document will describe the final intended idea on how the game will function. It may need change and updating also.