5 Ways to Get Pc games at Cheap Amount

Gaming is not cheap, maybe not as expensive as car drifting or sail boat racing, but combining the cost of either a console or decent gaming PC and a good supply of games then it becomes a pretty penny. Would you buy a game for $60 nowadays? I wouldn’t for sure. If you are a little diligent and do some research you can find bundle of top games for $10. PC gaming is not only super expensive. Actually you can save so much compared to their console versions that you can buy the latest equipment for gaming rig and still be on par with a PS4 or Xbox One.

Here are the simple ways to get PC games for cheap:


A little secret on life is let others do the dirty work for you. The hottest tips on game sales are on the Game Deals subreddit. Reddit is a social news aggregation website. Their are communities that are divided in different topics and there is one for deals on games. Make sure to check /r/gamedeals subreddit every morning at 10:30 PST because that’s when Steam’s newest deals go up. The r/gamedeals subreddit isn’t pretty, but it’s loaded with game deals and updated continuously. And /r/gamedeals scrounges up everything, from all the big PC game stores: Steam, Humble, Amazon,, GetGames, GamersGate, GreenManGaming, and a bunch of others. Also, all the retailers shown on /r/gamedeals are reliable. That translates into no more scam sites selling games real cheap, only to take your money and disappear. You can be assured that every deal that comes on /r/gamedeals is legitimate.

Filtering is also possible on /r/gamedeals by website, or have it display only offers of a specific type of game—”console,” for instance, or “worldwide” if you don’t live in the United States and are tired of clicking on region-specific offers. If that isn’t enough, the community is extremely helpful when it comes to recommendations. See an amazing sale on a game you haven’t heard of before? Go to the /r/gamedeals comment section for that specific sale. Many Reddit members will provide their own reviews of the games on sale, while other members might share with you to a better offer on the same game on a different website.


Steam’s summer sales are the greatest. For games, the best time is June/July and December. That’s the time when Steam has its summer and holiday sales. At those times Amazon prices certain games even lower to compete. The Enhanced Steam add-on for your web browser lets you know the lowest price ever for games on the Steam website, and if the game is available for less somewhere else.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundles was started in 2010. They allow customers to pay what they want for all games in the bundle.  Most games on this site are typically from independent publishers and all popular independent games will hit a Humble Bundle at some point. However, you can sometimes find major AAA titles.  Humble runs a large bundle every two weeks and a small bundle weekly. These are pay what you want for one or two games, then pay a little more amount for a collection of better titles. The big Humble Bundles are large events and are unpredictable.


Many people think Steam always has the cheapest prices but occasionally Amazon offers high-end games for less, even during Steam sales. Amazon also has a sweet system that allows you to re-download the games ever bought from them an infinite number of times. Otherwise, you can also use the key and download the Amazon-purchased game on Steam.

MOBA Games

Most MOBA games are free to play nowadays. They give players options to buy merchandise, buy items for the heroes or champions they use in their game and there are seasonal passes that can be purchased. With all this in mind, this means that the gaming company is giving something away for free in the hope that a percentage of players will spend money because they fall in love with the game.

This is especially true of Dota 2 and League of Legends games. There are also outside service you can purchase too. Websites like offer additional service like boosting so once you get good at the game, you don’t have to reply on the automated team selection mechanism the algorithms use to match players together into one team.


There are numerous of other options especially if you don’t feel like spending all of your time on Reddit or Humble. Websites like Steam Database, Steam Game Sales, and CheapShark show the PC games on offer, while the last two include non-Steam deals.

All of them have many types of filters. The gaming service Origin, just launched a new initiative called On the House, which periodically gives games away for free. The first game that was free was Dead Space. Also Green Man Gaming is a great website as they frequently have big discounts beyond what you can get on Steam.…