Hidden Secret to Improving Your MOBA Gaming

Honestly, I have no idea why I was not progressing when playing my favourite MOBA games. I am one of those players that will switch between League of Legends and Dota 2. Either way, it is not the game that is the main point of this article. The point is the speed in which your PC or laptop or whatever it is you are using to play the game processes the game to your screen.  I found an unwritten secret to improving my gameplay on both these games purely by accident.

To begin the story, I was basically looking at graphics cards. When I was reading through the reviews, honestly I had no idea about graphics cards. I was just looking at what the site reviewing graphics cards had to say. Now, this website was basically reviewing graphics cards for gamers.

When I was reading about 4k gaming and overclocking plus how well these graphics cards work with certain monitors, I began to realise something. The speed in which an online game is delivered to your device is not just about the speed of your internet connection. There are also frames per second to consider and other factors that deliver the game to your screen in a speedy fashion.

Now, this has me thinking. Sometimes I swear I am much quicker with my reactions, but 50% of the time it seems as if I am slow off the mark. I wondered whether this could be due to the speed in which the game was being delivered to my screen.

I love my Dota and I love my League of Legends. In both cases this meant would an investment in a new graphics card be something that is worthwhile for me. Now I am talking about a $400 investment here on a superfast graphics card, and possibly further investment on a new monitor.

What happened?

My love for both these games meant I was willing to fork out on a brand new graphics card. I bought a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card and was very excited to see if this was going to improve my gameplay. Just to mention, I have 16 GB of RAM in my PC and 2 processors, so now my machine is a monster, and these were already there well before I bought my new graphics card.

At first impressions, I was immediately impressed at the fact that I could turn up my graphics settings to full. This made the map so much clearer without any lag whatsoever.

Everything felt so much better in the way I played my game. It really felt that when I was in the lane (playing Dota) I was denying and last hitting so much quicker. I was also able to escape ganks just by that split second. Since then, my Dota has improved considerably and my teammates have all asked how I did it.

My secret, which is not so much of a secret because I told them, was that all I did was invest in a new graphics card. When you are playing high-level Dota, those slit seconds really do count. Now this sudden improvement in the way I play cannot be by coincidence. I moved over to League of Legends, and exactly the same results are apparent. Suddenly I am winning more games, contributing more, attacking better, farming quicker, and most importantly I am reacting much quicker.

This is great because I remember one of my friends asking me if I had lag on my side as he noticed I was a little slow at times. This issue as now been resolved and I am a much better player all due to a technological change in my hardware that had nothing to do with my internet connection.


Hidden Secret to Improving Your MOBA Gaming