New HTML5 Websites Are Reaping the Rewards

For those of you that have not head of HTML5, it is basically a technology that allows animated graphic on your website. It is the latest trend in web design, and website that are using HTML5 are absolutely killing it out there! 

What Exactly Does HTML5 Do? 

It is Hypertext Markup Language and uses Java script with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You don’t need to add plugins to your browser for the functionalities of HTML5 to work – which was a pain for most users in the past and a cause of bounce rates being higher when people visit your website.

Moving text, animated graphics, awesome games, apps, music, and more. You name it, HTML5 loads it all at a click of button. It even works when you save a web page and visit it again when you are not connected to the web. Furthermore,

Already you must be getting the picture whether you are a techie or now. That is to say that HTML5 shows just how far along HTML has come since its inauguration to the world Wide web.

In a nutshell, with this kind of virtual technology, you can give your website an instant professional look that is also very attractive – it is basically the best way to create an eye-catching website.

Online Gaming and HTML5 

Online gaming companies that use web browsers and not downloads also use HTML5. It means you can just visit their gaming page and play. That goes for sites that need a log on to access their games, and those that are just giving you games to play for free for the hell of it!

Check out companies such as Next Generation Gaming and Net Entertainment. They are multibillion dollar online gaming companies that use HTML5 as one of their major selling points.

Aside from the reasons we introduced above in the into paragraph, these online gaming companies are using this kind of technology because it works across all platfroms!

 It Is Also a Cross Platform technology   

In fact, this technology is so advanced that it works harmoniously with mobile and desktop web browsers on all devices. PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and iPods. HTML5 is able to function seamlessly on an array of devices because it is so well coded that it takes into account the operating system being used.

Check out some of c9bets HTML5 games for an example of cross platform tech. Here you will need to download an apk for iOS or Android or you can just play some of the sample games on the wbesite.

For example, an iPhone uses iOS; while, many Samsung smartphones use Android operating systems. It is not just the operating system, but the browser that the operating system works with.

Apple loves safari, Windows is of course always associated with Internet Explorer, and most Android go with Google Chrome. Over on the Windows desktop, laptop and tablet scene, there is usually a mix of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, and Google Chrome.

These devices must work in sync with several browsers because most operating systems have realised that they do not want to limit their users’ choice of browser. I for one don’t like Safari, but I own an iPhone. I do however like Chrome, and so I use Chrome as my choice browser.

Everyone is different, and because of the sheer variety of browsers to surf the World Wide Web, the proprietary operating system designers made the decision not to limit people’s choices. For want of a better saying, every operating system has made way for almost every browser.

 I was surprised over the course of writing this article that not many Windows users realised that they could download Safari onto their Windows computer. It was funny because all the Apple lovers out there asked me to send the link.

 Now I see an office still dominated by Google Chrome, but things have changed – there are quite a few Safari users out there now. Only a couple of Firefox users, and Internet Explorer seems to have its own following, but more from the older crowd that grew up with Internet Explorer back in the day as their only choice browser – and they have stuck with it.

 My Point 

Now that we all understand there are so many hardware and software platforms to consider when it comes to designing a website, we should also understand that when we create a website, we need it to work across all these platforms.

  This is where HTML5 code starts to really impress. It is so well defined that you can use HTML5 features on your website to operate as a cross-platform code. Meaning it can adapt to any screen size, most modern hardware used on mobile devices and almost any browser.

 It is also very attractive. Here is an example of a website that offers headers and home pages in HTML5 format. Now take a look, and then come back to my website here and look at the difference.

 Boring simple blog layout (because I have not had the time to improve this site too much) versus an amazing looking professional website.

  Go to this link for an example of my favourite one so far and click on “LIVE PREVIEW”:  

OR just go straight to the example.  

This website has loads more examples too if you want to browse a little bit more and look at more themes. Also, if you can, try it on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone if you can! Plus, this website is cheap, and those links are not affiliate by the way – I am literally just sharing this information with you.  

I hope you returned!  

Some people may not have returned to this blog after looking at those example, and I really do not blame them. They are mazing examples of a new era of website that we can soon expect to be all over the web.  

That should tell you one thing – if you own a website, be one of the first in your industry to make a change. I really should do the same with this website – just as a test.  

As you can see, the HTML5 code easily puts my website to shame whether you are currently using a laptop, desktop, tablet or whatever the device you are using.  

Admittedly, I use this blog for brain dumping more than anything – information sharing – telling people about what I have found out. It also helps me to get my thoughts straight – HTML5 just happens to be the new in thing that I have come across lately, and so here it is – my brain dump and some information shared!  

Isn’t that what bogging is all about! 

New HTML5 Websites Are Reaping the Rewards